Ecobee’s Ethereal Toronto Lakeside Lab

Polished concrete floor runs throughout ecobee’s new expansive and airy office with collaborative areas branching off the main corridors. Designed by Ray, park-like benches and bright green carpets establish more intimate meeting areas where teams can convene. Boardrooms maintain the space’s outdoor vibe, encased in steel factory-style windows.


IDC – Questions & Answers

D Magazine sat down with three interior designers from across the country and asked them the following question:

Looking back on your career, what was your favourite project, and what was your least favourite?

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Bright. Spacious. Enhanced. (Ironbridge Equity Partners)

THE VISION: Collaborating with design firm, Ray Inc., Ironbridge Equity Partners wanted their newly-acquired, 35th floor office space in downtown Toronto to have a much different look and feel than their previous more traditional offices of dark wooden doors and furniture and little access to natural light. Given a set budget, Ray Inc. was tasked with creating a bright and contemporary space for their client.

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Ron’s 10 Year Anniversary

We are proud to congratulate one of Ray’s team members, Ron Pinson, who joined our firm as project manager 10 years ago.  Ron’s quiet self-confidence earns him the trust of clients and his peers. 

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The Name Game

Things change. Organizations evolve. Sometimes, a firm requires repositioning to meet new demands or to refresh a brand. Or it may face transitional concerns as its founders reach retirement age.

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Ray – Building a brand that works on a first-name basis

After almost 30 years in business, the founders of Raymond Chiappetta and Associates—a Toronto-based commercial interior designer—moved on and sold the business to two of its partners. Principals Joe Trozzo and Isabelle Talbot embraced the transition as an opportunity to update their brand, bring it in alignment with their personalities, and truly take ownership of how they’re seen in the market.

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