Ray – Building a brand that works on a first-name basis

After almost 30 years in business, the founders of Raymond Chiappetta and Associates—a Toronto-based commercial interior designer—moved on and sold the business to two of its partners. Principals Joe Trozzo and Isabelle Talbot embraced the transition as an opportunity to update their brand, bring it in alignment with their personalities, and truly take ownership of how they’re seen in the market.

Of course, rebranding a decades-old business with a large base of clients and suppliers can seem like a risky venture. Joe and Isabelle didn’t want to alienate all the relationships they’d built in that time—and through our voice of stakeholder survey, we were able to confirm that they didn’t need to worry. Conducting anonymous interviews with a representative sample of those they work with, we discovered that rather than expecting the RCA brand to remain static through the ownership change, stakeholders were in fact quite eager to see the Joe and Isabelle promote the firm in a way that better reflected their own experiences working with the team.