Software Services | 26,324 sq ft

Rose Rocket is a platform transportation management software (TMS) that helps manage the unique needs of today’s transportation companies.  Founded in 2015, Rose Rocket is a Canadian company that has grown to over 100 employees.

37 Front Street East was once known as the Beardmore Building.  This heritage site became home to the Steelcase showroom in 1989 for a short while followed by various tenants over the years until Rose Rocket chose this historical site for its new head office in 2020.  The spectacular 3 storey atrium, once a boat slip in the original waterfront warehouse, is surrounded by a ‘U’ shaped office space and is truly the heart of the facility where staff is drawn to meet, eat, play, collaborate and work.

“Navigating the buildout of a new office can seem daunting and put you in a position where you might not know where to start. This is where I found myself staring at the lease for a new 26k sq. ft. office. After going through the process of a Design RFP and Selecting RAY, it was clear we had made the correct decision. Working with a team who was readily available and willing to answer every, and all questions (no matter how trivial they might be) was exactly what we needed. The Interior design team of Isabelle, Kate and Kas, designed an incredible space for us, but was also willing to take all our quirky and eccentric ideas and work with us to bring them to life. They were flexible and approachable and compromised where needed to ensure the project stayed on budget without ever compromising on design. Getting the design right was only half the Job, Hiring Joe and Johnny to work alongside Rose Rocket as our Project Managers was what allowed us to finish the Job on time and within Budget. Joe was always ensuring the project moved along and stayed on track, he knew what to fight for and when. His expertise in dealing with our Contractor was vital in keeping the ball rolling. Sure enough thanks to the RAY team and their collaboration with Rose Rocket, our team returned to our dream office excited and thrilled with the final result. Our office is a showpiece and the entire company is excited to show it off at any chance they get. Enough thanks can’t be given!”